CJS offers a variety of services that will pull you out of that tiresome waiting chair and enable you stay on the road. We do the work quickly and efficiently so that you avoid accumulating further fines. Since we specialize in the tedious paperwork,including registrations, permit applications, and required documentation. We do what it takes to speed the process and keep the mess out of your hands. Additionally, our consulting services are helpful to educate drivers and administrators alike on various procedures. For instance, we show how to successfully navigate the annual reviews of internal procedures.

There is nothing worse than finding that flimsy piece of paper on your dashboard at the end of a hectic day or discovering that your trucking company has incurred tremendous fines after some moving violations. Dispose of your worry as we handle the ticket processing and the required registrations. You do not have to fight your expensive NYC or NJ parking and traffic tickets. With a 70% success rate, we will effectively handle the parking ticket broker and service. Let us get those tickets dismissed for you.

How are we successful 70% of the time? After 25 years in the auto industry, we are experts in the rules of the court system and know how to plead a case in your favor. We fight your cases in person before a traffic court judge, applying our well-informed negotiation skills while also granting your cases personalized attention. While other services may use impersonal computer software, personalized attention and expertise and are what yield the highest dismissal rate or fine reduction legally possible.
We want to minimize the number of red lights, so you and your drivers can smoothly and safely glide down the roads and this requires becoming familiar with DOT services. When you need to achieve a satisfactory DOT safety rating but cannot employ a full time safety department, CJS is where you should turn. We will personally come into your company and conduct a test DOT educational review, enabling all members of your fleet to be informed on the latest compliance, efficiency, legal, and safety restrictions. This preventative system saves you from future violations, fines, and irritation. Let us keep you on the road.

DOT Educational Topics:

  • General Information
  • Driver Vehicle Inspection Reports
  • HOS Records & Driver's Daily Log Books
  • Driver Qualification Files
  • Drug & Alcohol Procedures
  • DOT Roadside Inspection Reports
  • Truck/Tractor Repair & Maintenance Records
  • Financial Responsibility
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