CJS, a transportation industry company keeps drivers on the roadCJS is 25 year old company in the transportation industry specializing in the services that keep drivers on the road. We work on the processing of tickets, summonses, and citations and provide a service bureau for submitting registrations, permit applications, and other required documentation. We also provide educational and consulting services that equip drivers with the skills and knowledge to safely and successfully transport materials under any circumstances. With great dedication to our clients, CJS streamlines the processing of violations in order to save clients time, money, and the ceaseless aggravation associated with fighting tickets in court.

Our History

CJS was founded in May of 1994 by President Gerry Vadas after he worked in the transportation industry for over 15 years. Mr. Vadas noticed how numerous companies in New York and New Jersey were increasingly being impounded by serious vehicle infractions and felt he could offer a more viable solution for these costly administrative issues. One of the first companies of its kind, CJS currently deals with several hundred traffic violations every week and sets the standard with a success rate of 70%. CJS offers a number of services that serve to educate drivers and administrators alike.

Our Mission

CJS is committed to a three-part mission:

  • To provide clients with the tools to avoid possible infractions through education and consulting;
  • To provide a fast, efficient service for the dismissal of tickets and citations;
  • To establish strategic partnerships with other professionals that can bring value to their clients.
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